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SARAYA's Support to the Borneo Conservation Trust

Learn about the Borneo Conservation Trust and how we work together to protect the Borneo rainforest.

Saraya is dedicated to the improvement of health, environment, and sanitation worldwide. In line with this commitment, we have founded and contributed to different projects and campaigns that protect natural habitats and ensure a sustainable future, following our philosophy that every company should satisfy its customers while being socially and ecologically responsible. As a longtime provider of natural and eco-friendly products, Saraya understands the importance of preserving nature's balance. 

One of the oldest projects that we support since 2006 is the Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT). The BCT, an NGO recognized by the Sabah and Malaysian governments, aims to protect and acquire lands in order to help the endangered wildlife and biodiversity in the Malaysian rainforest, playing a key role in the conservation of this threatened environment.

Background and Situation 

The island of Borneo is densely populated with unique wildlife and vegetation, making it an important genetic resource for the world. In its rainforest, elephants, orangutans and hundreds of other forms of wildlife live in harmony with each other.

Some examples of the wildlife in Borneo

However, many parts of the Borneo rainforest have vanished due to the sudden increase of oil palm plantations in recent years, threatening the unique biodiversity of the island. While these plantations are needed for our current lifestyle, it is important to create a balance between environment and industry, as the ever-increasing demand for palm oil has led to the rapid destruction of Borneo’s diversity.

RSPO certificate

In 2004 a story about a young elephant that had been living with a painful rope around its trunk brought Saraya to Borneo. With this story we realized that simply thinking natural-based products are environmentally friendly is false. Sustainable production that considers the environment and people is necessary for a truly "eco" product. 

Concerned by our use of palm oil in some of our products, we became members of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil since its foundation, as the first Japanese manufacturer to do it. The RSPO is an international non-profit organization that helps to produce, supply and utilize palm oil in a sustainable manner, through the creation of sustainable palm oil policies and a supply chain that adheres to environmental and humanitarian regulations, ensuring an ethical production. Members include stakeholders from all parts of the supply chain and supporters such as farmers, manufacturers, distributors, NGOs and consumers. SARAYA has been developing household detergents and body care products with 100% sustainable palm oil since 2010.

The BCT program:

1. Land protection and management

SARAYA conducts environmental conservation activities to help make this coexistence possible. One of these activities, is the Green Corridor, project led by the BCT, to establish wildlife migration routes through the rainforest by the acquisition of lands along the riverbanks. So far, SARAYA has purchased 7 land parcels in total, with plans of acquiring even more in the future. 

Another activity we are participating in is the erection of bridges made from used fire hoses along the river. Orangutans cannot swim and often huge plantations divide the rainforest, creating islands between plantations and cutting orangutans off from the rest of the forest. Six bridges have been erected to allow the orangutan population to migrate freely across river tributaries. 

The BCT also promotes the sustainable management of the plantation and forest ecosystem, so that the important ecological corridor within the landscape ecosystem can be secured and restored.

2. Research programs

Another important work of the BCT is leading research developed in partnership with international and domestic research agencies. The aim is to ensure conservation programs are being continued and pioneered by local Malaysians. These programs will allow them to better know the needs of the local wildlife and biodiversity in order to help their conservation. Furthermore, all programs are monitored by plantation industries, forest management industries and local communities, with the aim of enhancing their knowledge and strengthening their support to the implementation of environmental and biodiversity conservation activities in Sabah’s Mega Biodiversity Corridor.

3. The Borneo Elephant Sanctuary

According to WWF, the elephants from Borneo are endangered as their habitat keeps decreasing, leading to an important elephant population’s loss. Due to the sudden increase of plantations, elephants can often wander onto farms, which can lead to aggression from the farmers or getting caught by snare traps for small game. 

The Borneo Elephant Sanctuary Programme (BES) was launched in 2012 for safer elephant rescue activities, finishing the first part of the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary in September 2013 by the BCT in cooperation with Japanese enterprises including SARAYA. The Borneo Elephant Sanctuary has been specifically created to meet the needs of sick or needy elephants that have been injured by humans or were victims of incidents. The BES aims to become the center of conservation plans to manage the elephant population and connect their habitats. 

The BTC helps hurt elephants go back to nature.

SARAYA will continue to support this program for the sake of saving the endangered Borneo elephant and improve biodiversity in Borneo.

If you want to support

As an NGO, the BCT depends on donations in order to continue and develop its activities and programs, be it through companies or particulars. If you want to donate to the Borneo Conservation Trust you can go directly to their website and see the different ways you can collaborate.

The cycle of life in Borneo with Happy Elephant

At SARAYA we also support the BCT through the sale of our products containing palm oil, donating a portion of household brands such as Yashinomi, Happy Elephant and Cocopalm to the BCT, allowing customers to also be part of supporting an NGO that protects the Borneo rainforest. 

We believe cooperation between the private sector and NGOs is the most effective way to make a lasting difference in the world. We also actively try to raise the consumers’ awareness on environmental issues, getting them involved in conservation activities.

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