Smart-Step Footwear Sanitizer Selected as Finalist

Smart-Step Footwear Sanitizer Selected as Finalist.

Saraya Australia is proud to announce their Smart-Step Footwear Sanitizer has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 Food Magazine Awards for the category of Food Safety and Innovation in Non-Food products. We are excited to have this innovative and unique product recognized for its contribution to food safety and manufacturing.

You can find the Smart-Step Footwear Sanitizer on Food Magazine's website along with the other finalists in every category.

The Smart-Step Footwear Sanitizer is used in HACCP certified factories for the cleaning sanitizing of footwear before entering the production area. Available in multiple designs and layouts, the Smart-Step is an excellent alternative to wading through the stagnant water of a typical boot wash pool, encouraging a cleaner environment and accurate footwear sanitizing.

Mark Smith worked hard to submit the Smart-Step to Food Magazine while negotiating sales of the product and Saraya Australia's wide lineup of hygiene and sanitation products. SAU hopes the increased visibility on Food Magazine will bring more success to the many innovative food sanitation products in the Saraya line up.

Please come back for the latest news regarding SAU's position in the 2015 Food Magazine Awards.

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