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Joining the JaSPON platform for the use of sustainable palm oil

Saraya joins the "Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Network" (JaSPON) as a board member in order to promote the use of RSPO certified oil.

With the aim of solving the several environmental issues concerning palm oil production and to accelerate the procurement and consumption of sustainable palm oil in the Japanese market, we are pleased to announce that SARAYA has joined the “Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Network” (JaSPON) as a board member from the 11th of April, 2019.

Production of palm oil keeps expanding due to increases in food demand worldwide. A wide range of environmental and social problems—mainly caused in Indonesia and Malaysia, palm oil’s major producers— including logging of tropical rain forests for plantation expansion keeps happening daily. As an answer, the international community is moving to procure RSPO certified oil, a “sustainable palm oil” produced with consideration to the environment and human rights, in an effort to solve these problems. From the business side, there is also a rapid increase in companies working towards joining this certification system, including in Japan.

SARAYA was the first Japanese company that joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) back in 2005. At the presentation of the establishment of JaSPON, communications director Hirotsugu Daishima, who has been at the forefront of our efforts in obtaining RSPO certified oil and supporting the non-profit Borneo Conservation Trust with 1% of our sales of products such as the Yashinomi detergent, introduced our current environmental conservation activities such as our wildlife protection on Borneo, Malaysia.

As demonstrated by JaSPON, we believe that it is important for members to work together beyond the boundaries of their industry while promoting initiatives in their respective positions. SARAYA will continue with its use of RSPO-certified oil as one of the solutions to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), with the objective of only using RSPO-certified oil in all our Japanese products by 2020, and promoting the same use in all our overseas companies by 2030.

Joining the JaSPON platform Joining the JaSPON platform to reduce our impact in the rainforests.

JaSPON main activities

  1. Collection and provision of information on sustainable palm oil procurement.
  2. Activities to promote sustainable palm oil sourcing and consumption.
  3. Provide information and its exchange between members.
  4. A window to organize and negotiate the opinions of Japanese stakeholders with external organizations.
  5. Other necessary activities, aiming towards the achievement of the goals of JaSPON.

JaSPON starting members

Ajinomoto, Aeon, SB Food, Kao, Green Purchasing Network (GPN), Control Union Japan, Saraya, Shiseido, Seiyu, World Wildlife Fund Japan (WWF Japan), Daabon Organic Japan, Taiyo Yushi, Nisshin Foods Holdings, Nippon Oil, the Borneo Conservation Trust Japan, Meiji, Morinaga Milk and Lion.

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