Laundry Soap, winner at the 14th Parenting Awards Laundry Soap was selected as a winner in the product category of the 14th Parenting Awards, selected by childcare magazines following parenting trends in Japan.

The Parenting Awards, now in its 14th year, is an annual award given by child-care magazine media in Japan to recognize child-care trends such as people, hit products, and events that have had an impact on the child-care industry. SARAYA is pleased to announce that Laundry Soap was selected as one of the winners. Laundry Soap is made from 100% plant-based detergent ingredients, providing a soft and fluffy finish to baby clothes without the need for fabric softeners. It contains no additives such as synthetic surfactants, fluorescent agents, synthetic fragrances, or colorants (*1), and has been tested for infant safety and skin irritation by a skin doctor (*2). The award was given in recognition of the high level of support that gives to the child-rearing generation while committed to safety.

(*1) Free of additives such as synthetic surfactants, fluorescent agents, antibacterial agents, bleaching agents, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, colorants, and silicone.
(*2) All safety is not guaranteed / In some cases skin irritation may occur.

Parenting Awards Overview

The Parenting Awards are given annually to recognize and honor the most talked-about trends (people, products, and things) in child-rearing, with the aim of encouraging further development of parenting in Japan and making it a more comfortable place to raise children. At the same time, it hopes to provide users with reliable and timely information related to child-rearing and create an environment that will make childhood in Japan more enjoyable and confident.

The executive committee is made up of parenting magazines that are supported by many mothers and fathers. Through this award, it aims to send out information to the communities that each of them has, working together to achieve levels of communication that no single media alone can achieve.

Social Contribution

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A part of the sales of arau. in Japan is used to improve the sanitation of children in Uganda, Africa, through the international NGO Save the Children.

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