SAVES LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May

Unite for Safety. Clean your Hands.  Celebrate 5 May 2022 with SARAYA.

Unite for safety: clean your hands – with this slogan the WHO runs their annual campaign celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day on the 5th of May and SARAYA invites you to join it with us.

Why is it so important? Because the most effective way to fight infection is to prevent it from happening and hand hygiene plays an important role in it. Whether it be preventing infections from spreading in our daily lives or preventing healthcare-associated infections in health care facilities, what we can do is to increase our knowledge and follow sanitary guidelines (for example, the 5 moments of hand hygiene) to create a safe and responsible culture together.

This 2022-year campaign reminds us that we need to act together to make something work, especially if the goal is safety and quality in healthcare facilities.

SARAYA, every year, makes its contribution by producing sanitation products and providing training and knowledge to doctors, nurses, and patients around the world. For more about how we do so, visit our healthcare solutions page.

Join the campaign!

Are you part of a hospital or healthcare-care facility wanting to improve infection control? Is this the first time you will participate in the Clean Hands campaign? If so, subscribe here!

Join Hospitals and health-care facilities throughout the world in raising hand hygiene awareness, moving action to the point of care, and reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAI) by:

  • Being a part of a global movement to improve hand hygiene; receive acknowledgment of this from WHO.

  • Joining a network of countries that have already committed to sustained hand hygiene campaigning.

  • Becoming one of the leaders helping to prevent HAI in your country; subsequently saving lives.

  • Getting support for moving from commitment to action at the point of patient care.

  • Having the opportunity to share your knowledge and successes with others.

  • And demonstrating your commitment to making patient safety THE No 1 priority.

WHO Nurses and Midwives Clean Care Is In Your Hands Poster

If you are located in Japan, please visit our Japanese Campaign page for local information.

SARAYA's posters for the 5 of May 2022 Campaign

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